Nepal Wildlife Tour

Nepal is the habitat of rare and endangered species

Nepal is the habitat of rare and endangered species

Nepal’s beautiful landscapes are reflected in its many national parks, each offering its own slightly distinct wildlife experience.

Wildlife tour is designed for wildlife enthusiasts and passionate explorers who are forever in a search for unlimited adventure. The tour offers the chances to attain the ultimate jungle safari experience in the wilderness of Chitwan & Bardia.One can witness the one horned rhinoceros, wild elephant, royal Bengal tiger, gangetic dolphins, crocodiles, marsh mugger and many more in their natural habitat. Not only this, wildlife tours bring you close to different sorts of vegetation which make your holidays in Nepal more adventurous. Our tour packages combine magnificent wildlife and quaint scenery so that you can soak yourself the maximum time in the famous national parks of Nepal.

If you are among those enthusiastic lovers of the wild creatures, a visit to Nepal Wildlife Tour will be most beneficial.