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Australia is situated on the continent of Oceania, surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean, and is the sixth largest nation in the world. Australia, being an island, does not share its land boundaries with another nation. It is isolated from Asia by the seas of Arafura and Timor, from Queensland by the Coral Sea, and from New Zealand by the Tasman Sea.

Australia is a perfect destination for an adventure junkie, nature addict, beach lover or a party freak, a land of kangaroos, incredible birds, beautiful scenery and a plethora of aquatic and enjoyable sports. In order to enjoy the unimaginable sights, surf the ocean and revel in its untouched islands, millions of tourists around the world flock here. In Australia, there is so much to do and visit that it will not be possible to cover all the sights for many years.

Australia Tours