Our Strength

Financial Strength

We are financially sound and secure company as our patron is IME group, an internationally renowned company having huge investment in multi-national and international business ventures with a very firm background and mega million turnovers.

When it comes to the financial markets of Nepal, IME Group always takes a lead. We are the pioneer of remittance service in Nepal, which also owns one of the largest ‘A’ class national level commercial bank, Global IME Bank.

Sales Strength

Ever since IME Travel has come into existence, it has been successful gaining popularity in domestic and international travel circle. We are very successful establishing a special bonding with our customers. We are the ticket stockiest agent of all airlines that operate flights to Kathmandu. We sell large numbers tickets to Vacationers, students, corporate houses, government, recruitment agencies and sub agencies in Nepal. We mobilize more than 30000 subagents and 8000 our own outlets throughout Nepal to make sales very effective and easy. We have millions of our customer’s databases which consists of large number of migrant Nepalese, who are the potential tickets buyers. We can use our resources to give you a nationwide visibility through our marketing and promotional campaign. We are confident that we can reach out to a large section by using our sales and distribution channels.

Operational strength

We have highly qualified and result oriented team of professionals with an incisive understanding of Nepal’s aviation dynamics. The founders of IME Group have far-reaching public relations with the stakeholders from the aviation industry. Our enduring relationship with the Civil Aviation authorities of Nepal will greatly help us in our partnerships. We assure you that we will comply with the regulatory requirements from the government authorities and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). We use a state-of-the-art technology in our ultramodern office to provide the best service to our passengers. We will have a dedicated call center, a separate airport team, marketing and promotion team which be strictly under a direct supervision and guidance from the management.

Business Potential

Annually 4.2 Million domestic and 2.5 Million international people are relocating, almost 2 Million tourists are coming to Nepal and almost 1 Million Nepalese are travelling to various countries for holiday. Along with this, there are a large number of Nepalese are exuding to various countries for works and many Nepalese are abroad for study or are permanently settled. In the recent years, many Nepalese have gone to S. Korea, Japan, EU & USA for work and study. The trained is increasing to travel Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, China, Vietnam and others eastern countries of this globe.

Relation with Government Authority

We maintain highly cordial relation with Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Department of Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Airport Authorities, Tourism Board, Home Ministry, Central Bank of Nepal and all the related Government authorities.

IME Group Strength

Financial Services

When it comes to the financial markets of Nepal, IME Group is proud to take a lead in; remittance, banking, digital finance, investment and insurance. We pioneered the remittance sector, have one of the largest ‘A’ class national level commercial banks in terms of capital and network, we are a specialized merchant banking company and we are an investment company promoted by The IME Group.

  • IME Ltd.
  • Global IME Bank
  • Hathway Investment
  • IME Cooperative
  • Global IME Capital
  • IME Pay
  • IME General Insurance Company Limited
  • IME Life Insurance


The IME Group’s diversification into the hydel sector is backed by the group’s overpowering urge to capitalize on the vast resources available for hydroelectricity in Nepal. Additionally, the IME Group is also producing Oxygen which is needed for the industrial and medical sectors.

  • Himalayan Power Partner Ltd.
  • Mountain Energy Ltd.
  • IME Oxygen Pvt. Ltd.


Hospitality is one of the original areas that The IME Group began with during the establishment of the conglomerate in the 1990s. IME Travels has been a prominent name in the travel industry and now the investment in the sector has been diversified with the establishment of Chandragiri Hills which aims to develop an integrated tourist destination in Kathmandu.

  • Chandragiri Hills Ltd.
  • IME Travels Pvt. Ltd.
  • IME International Travels Pvt Ltd


The IME Group involvement in information technology has paved pathways to technological advancement by providing solutions to businesses and individuals. Swift Technology Pvt. Ltd. uses the latest software development platforms and tools in the delivery of these solutions. In particular, the company offers a wide range of custom web and software solutions along with complete IT consulting services to banks and financial institutions.

  • Swift Technology Pvt. Ltd.


Nepal’s automobile trading industry has become highly competitive as world class automotive brands are now coming to the market. Additionally, phenomenal growth in the construction sector has resulted in the high demand of construction vehicles and equipment.

  • IME Automotive Pvt. Ltd.
  • IME Motors Pvt. Ltd.


The IME Group’s retail chain offers its customer a better shopping experience and a wide range of choices of the global products at the best available rates. The IME Group plans to establish an extensive network of chains across the country.

  • My Mart Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • C.M. Trading Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
  • IME Herbals and Foods Pvt Ltd


The IME Group’s earnest goal is to not only meet the common need of Nepalese society but to exceed their aspirations in today’s thriving world of information and entertainment. This need drove The IME Group to invest in the “Direct-to-Home” (DTH) industry and Nepal’s first DTH brand “Dish Home” was launched. It now has a subscriber base of over 600 thousand customers achieved over a span of 6 years of operations. Dish Media Network Pvt. Ltd. represents The IME Group in this sector.

  • Dish Media Network Pvt. Ltd.


Globalization and information technology have paved the way for increased international trade and commercial activities in Nepal. This in turn has fueled the growth of the logistics industry creating opportunities for an efficient, highly reliable, integrated logistics services provider.

  • Mount Pumori Air Cargo Pvt. Ltd.


A Nepal based professionally managed company offering IT solutions to local as well as overseas clients. We offer you a unique combination of experience, knowledge, methodology and professional commitment that makes us the right choice for your business. Our continue success is a reflection of our primary focus – value, quality and commitment to the best possible customer service. As we develop new modules and update existing ones, we always ensure that our current customers remain our top priority.

  • Midas Technology Pvt Ltd