Everest Region

Highest Point of the mighty Himalayas and the Earth !! Everest - 8,848 m

Highest Point of the mighty Himalayas and the Earth !! Everest - 8,848 m

By nature, humans impose challenges for themselves and Everest, the tallest mountain of the world is one of the places that has intrigued humans the most.
Talking about best trekking places in Nepal, the first destination which makes to the top of the list is definitely the mystical land of Everest Region.It is located in Mahalangur range on the border between China and Nepal.

For many, making it up to this region is one of their personal goals. May be ascending the mountain is not what everybody dreams of, but a trek to the base camp is an achievable goal for those who dream of conquering the Everest region.This area has the greatest concentration of big peaks with four mountains including Everest the world’s highest. Home to the highest mountain in the world, an abode of enchanting and serene alpine glacial lakes and a land of beautiful valleys, trekking in Everest is a dream come true for several passionate trekkers.

Famous for its magnificent mountain peaks and the hospitality, loyalty, and friendliness of its inhabitants (the Sherpas), the Everest region is one of the most popular destinations for both internal and external tourists in Nepal. Trek to Everest Base Camp leaves you with a mixed feeling of excitement, astonishment and regret for not having come here before after all you’ll be hugging the foot of the mighty Mount Everest at the end. Lovers of 'real' adventure travel will be delighted by the experience of travelling to Nepal, with its friendly mountain people.