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Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling During a Pandemic.

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling During a Pandemic.

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The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t the first pandemic the world is facing, but it is the one that has affected day-to-day life of every single person on earth. Almost every single industry has been negatively affected in one way or other with travel and tourism being one of the most affected. But with everything going on people have to travel when it is necessary and things have to move forward.

Special precaution and safety measures need to be taken while travelling during difficult times like this. Here are some ways you can ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones while travelling during a pandemic.

Make inventory list

It is important that you carry few of the essential items on your own because it may not be possible to buy these items as conveniently as it used to be before the pandemic. Carry a little extra of things like masks and sanitizer along with your toiletries and personal grooming items.

Wear a mask

Mask is the most important piece of equipment that can help prevent the diseases that has caused the pandemic. Wearing it can significantly reduce the risk of spread of the microorganisms from one person to another. Wear it yourself and encourage others around you to wear it always to protect yourself and your family.

Wash your hand with soap and water and sanitize often.

This is another very important method to help prevent the spread of the virus. Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds often and after touching any foreign objects in public areas can kill the harmful germs on our hands preventing it from entering our body. Sanitizing hands with alcohol based hand sanitizer is also effective in doing this job.

Be careful of what you touch

Try and avoid touching anything in public areas. These surfaces could potentially carry the harmful germs and viruses that can infect you. Being mindful of what you touch and washing and/or sanitizing your hands after touching any foreign surfaces can prevent you from getting infected.

Minimize human contact

While travelling try and maintain a physical distance of 6 feet or 2 meters as much as possible. This is one of the key ways of avoiding being infected by a respiratory virus that can cause serious diseases. Avoid handing things from your hand to others. Rather place the object you want to hand over on a surface and ask them to pick it up.

Get a window

While travelling by road, make sure the vehicle you are travelling on has maintained the social distance within the vehicle among the passengers. When that is confirmed make sure you get a window seat which will provide you with fresh air. Also try and distance yourself from others a few times a day.

Wipe down your surrounding

When you are in a strange location about to use a certain space, try and wipe the surface with a disinfectant wipe or sanitizer. This will eliminate any harmful germs present on the surface, ensuring the safety of you and your family.

Stay home if you are sick

If you are sick or feeling under the weather, it is best to stay home. Not only are you more vulnerable to other diseases if you go out, but it also prevents you from transmitting your germs to others.

Get your PCR test done

Before you travel, make sure you take a PCR test along with your travel partners. Only travel of the test shows that you’re not carrying any virus. There are restrictions all over the world that will not allow you to travel with a positive PCR result.

Go through the protocols/restrictions

Make sure you are aware of the protocols and restrictions the destinations you are travelling to and from have imposed on travel. Not being aware of these may leave you stranded or even deported from foreign land. This could also add up to your expenses.

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