The roof of the world

To explore this spiritual land in a very convenient and hassle-free manner, tourists can grab one of the many exciting Tibet tour packages offered by IME travels.Tibet offers a very big range of excursions and adventures, so why would you do just one activity when you can do them all.

Tibet is a land of ancient cultures, mystical Buddhist Tradition, richly decorated monasteries and temples. A century ago, a visit to Tibet needed much strength, courage and a good deal of luck, but today it beckons adventurous travelers with a taste for something truly different. Everyone just falls in love with this majestic country in Mighty Himalayas. The journey to this wonderful land starts below the Himalayas and ends on the highest highland of the world. Tibet's breathtaking Himalayan range rising from the Tibetan Plateau; Mt. Kailash; the ruins of lost cities Tsaparang and Tholing; and the lake Manasarovar, are but a few places to which IME travels can minder you, either by road or by air. It truly is an amazing travel experience that you will not find anywhere else.

Activities we offer in Tibet