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Baku, Azerbaijan (4N/5D)

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5 days
September 30, 2021
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Baku, Azerbaijan (4N/5D)

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Can I extend my stay on this tour?

You may prolong your visit as long as you inform us of this extension at the time of making your reservation. Extra fees will apply, and no changes can be made once the tour has begun.

What if I want to cancel my trip?

If you need to cancel your tour, there will be specific cancellation fees. The travel consultant will provide more information on these charges at the time of booking or for further details about cancellation costs.

Is it safe to walk in Baku at night?

Crime rates in Baku are typically minimal. It’s important to stay vigilant for potential bag-snatching or mugging, especially if you are carrying a significant amount of cash or valuable items. The risk is higher at night in the downtown area. Refrain from flaunting large amounts of money or flashy valuables and avoid walking alone after dark.

How is the nightlife in Baku?

Baku is renowned for its stunning architectural wonders, a mix of traditions and cultures, delectable Persian and Turkish cuisine, and visually captivating settings. Moreover, the city features lively nightclubs and bars where you can unwind, have fun, and experience vibrant nightlife.

Can I do shopping while in Baku?

 Shopping in Baku is more affordable compared to many other countries. The shopping malls are quite large, with up to 100 stores, as well as restaurants and entertainment options such as movie theaters and playgrounds.

Trip Highlights

  • Boat excursion on the Caspian Sea – the largest lake in the world
  • Explore Heydar Aliyev Center.
  • Discover the Bibi-Heybat  Mosque
  • Take in a panoramic view of Baku from Highland Park, which is situated at the highest point of the city. 
  • Visit “Gabala,” known for being surrounded by Caucasus mountains and considered one of Azerbaijan’s most beautiful villages.
  • Uncover Tufandaq; Winter-Summer Tourism Complex
  • Experience Ateshgah Fire Temple, one of only three fire temples globally.
  • Enjoy an enthralling ride on “Baku Eye” for sweeping views over Baku city.
  • Take a cable car trip to Tufandag Mountain and relish breathtaking vistas.

Climate in Baku

Baku experiences a cold semi-arid climate characterized by hot and humid summers, cool and intermittently wet winters, and persistent strong winds throughout the year. 

Unlike other cities with similar climates, Baku does not have excessively hot summers or extended periods of sunshine due to its northern latitude and its location on a peninsula along the Caspian Sea coastline.

Baku, along with the Absheron Peninsula where it is located, represents the driest area of Azerbaijan, receiving approximately 200 mm (8 in) or less of precipitation annually. 

This dryness is mainly attributed to the rain shadow effect from the Caucasian Mountains, while areas at similar latitudes near the Black Sea receive more than 2,300 mm (91 in) on average. 

Most of the limited annual rainfall occurs during seasons other than summer, and none of these seasons are notably wet.

Religion in Azerbaijan 

The largest religion in Azerbaijan is Islam, with the majority being Shia Muslims. Azerbaijan has a diverse religious landscape that includes Russian Orthodox Christians, Catholic Levantines, Georgian Orthodox Christians, Albanian-Udi Apostolic Christians, Lutherans, Ashkenazi Jews, and Sufi Muslims alongside other faiths. 

As mandated by its Constitution, Azerbaijan is a secular state that ensures freedom of religion for all its citizens. Baku also serves as the seat of the Catholic Apostolic Prefecture of Azerbaijan.

Tourism and Shopping

Baku is a significant tourist destination in the Caucasus, with hotels in the city generating 7 million euros in revenue back in 2009. The city boasts numerous popular tourist and entertainment attractions such as Fountains Square, One and Thousand Nights Beach, Shikhov Beach, Oil Rocks, and Yanar Dag—an ever-burning natural gas spot. 

Baku also held the world record for the tallest flagpole at National Flag Square until it was surpassed by Dushanbe’s flagpole on May 24th, 2011. Additionally, Baku features several prominent shopping malls including Port Baku, Park Bulvar, Metro Park, Ganjlik Mall, 28 MALL, Aygun City, and AF MALL offering a range of shopping options from chain stores to high-end boutiques. 

In addition to this commercial success, the retail areas are home to shops that cater to various budgets – ranging from well-known brand outlets all the way up to boutique establishments. Nizami Street and Neftchilar Avenue in particular have gained notoriety as being among the most expensive streets worldwide. According to Mercer Human Resource Consulting’s 2011 ranking, Baku ranked 48th in its list of most expensive cities globally.

Nightlife in Baku

There are numerous late-night clubs in the city, offering a variety of experiences. Some feature Azerbaijani cuisine and local music with an Eastern flair, while others cater to younger crowds with a Western-style vibe. 

The area near Fountains Square is bustling with pubs and bars that stay open until the early morning hours. Baku also boasts restaurants catering to diverse cuisines and occasions, ranging from high-end options to more budget-friendly ones.

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